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Latest Updates-Linux

  • Terminology 0.8.0 BSD License
    Terminology 0.8.0
  • Cool-Retro-Term 1.0.0 GPL v3
    A cool and retro terminal emulator application that mimics the look of cathode tube screens
  • GNOME Terminal 3.15.0 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    The default terminal emulator application of the open source GNOME desktop environment
  • Sakura 3.2.0 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    This tiny project provides a GUI VTE-based terminal emulator for Linux platforms
  • XTerm 314 MIT/X Consortium License
    A standard, basic, simple and traditional terminal emulator for the X Window System
  • xtermcontrol 3.2 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    A free and simple application that enables you to dynamically control xterm's properties
  • LXTerminal 0.2.0 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    A desktop-independent VTE-based terminal emulator without any unnecessary dependencies.
  • Tilda 1.1.10 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    An Open Source terminal emulator for Linux that looks like many popular FPS consoles
  • Xfce Terminal 0.6.3 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    This is the default terminal emulator application for the Xfce desktop environment
  • GraphTerm 0.40.2 BSD License
    A Graphical Terminal Interface
  • GNOME Terminator 0.97 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    GNOME Terminator project is an attempt to maximise useful space on a given desktop for terminals.
  • tmux 1.8 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    A terminal multiplexer application for Linux
  • COTE: Cryptonite One Terminal Edition 5.0 GPL v3
    A custom file encryption utility for Linux
  • Tupi: 2D Magic 0.2 git02 GPL v3
    A cross-platform design and authoring utility for digital artists who want to produce 2D animation
  • BashStyle-NG 8.3 LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
    A graphical tool for styling the Bash