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Latest Updates-Science

  • FuncDesigner 0.51 BSD License
    FuncDesigner 0.51
  • SPIW 0.2.2 Beta LGPL v3 (GNU Lesser General Public Lic...
    An application to process microscope images, a MATLAB toolbox for Linux distributions
  • CCruncher 2.3 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    A free tool for credit risk modeling
  • SegyMerge 1.0 LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
    This cross-platform software written in Qt can merge multiple seisimic SEG-Y files
  • WildPlot 0.8 Alpha LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
    This project provides a Java software for plotting 2D and 3D mathematical functions
  • Tower Simulation 1.1 Creative Commons Attribution
    This platform-independent application allows you to play around with the effects of gravity
    A CLI tool for simulating mating alliances as a reproductive tactic for populations
  • LibreEngineering 0.5.0 GPL v3
    Qt-based Suite of Engineering Calculation Programs
  • OpenOpt 0.509 BSD License
    Numerical optimization in Python
  • graph-tool 2.2.35 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    An Open Source module designed to help users with statistical analysis of graphs
  • Escript 3.4.1 Open Software License
    An Open Source software for solving Partial Differential Equations (PDE) in Python
  • Aestimo 1.0 GPL v3
    An Open Source 1-dimensional self-consistent Schrödinger-Poisson solver for Linux
  • NOMAD 3.6.2 LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
    An Open Source and cross-platform software especially designed for blackbox customization
  • modelGUI 1.0.20 Alpha GPL v3
    A 2D/3D visualization and scientific modelling tool.
  • HyperCalc 1.20 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    An Open Source application for command-line mathematical calculations in Linux and Windows