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Latest Updates-System

  • GNOME Boxes LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License)
    GNOME Boxes
  • TeamViewer 10 Build 37742 Freeware
    An all-in-one and cross-platform solution for desktop remote access and support over the Internet
  • GNU C Library 2.21 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    GNU C Library is the most important library software of a GNU/Linux operating system
  • linuxptp 1.5 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    A free implementation of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) on GNU/Linux platforms
  • GNOME PackageKit 3.15.4 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    A simple tool that provides a free PackageKit client for the GNOME desktop environment
  • Snapper 0.2.5 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    This is the ultimate Open Source snapshot utility for Linux-based operating systems
  • GParted 0.21.0 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    A graphical user interface for the parted CLI application that lets users to modify partitions on ...
  • FusionDirectory GPL (GNU General Public License)
    An web-based, Open Source, full-featured, powerful and handy infrastructure manager
  • PeRKy 1404190 CeCILL (CeCILL Free Software License A...
    An Open Source CLI utility for the management of software requirements with all Source Control Man...
  • Keepalived for Linux 1.2.15 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    An Open Source project that adds a robust and strong keepalive facility to Linux Virtual Server
  • Webmin 1.730 BSD License
    An Open Source and powerful web-based interface for Linux/UNIX system administrators
  • File 5.22 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    A command-line utility that attempts to classify files depending on their contents
  • sdparm 1.09 BSD License
    An Open Source utility that helps users to modifies the parameters of any SCSI device
  • Gslapt 0.5.4a GPL (GNU General Public License)
    This project provides a GTK version of the slapt-get APT like system for Slackware Linux
  • mdadm 3.3.2 GPL (GNU General Public License)
    A simple, smart and useful tool for creating, maintaining and monitoring Linux software RAID arrays